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Boogie Board
Kent,OH 44240

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Boogie Board is owned by Kent Displays, the global leader in reflective bistable cholesteric liquid crystal display technology. In 2009, Boogie Board launched the first reusable writing tablet using liquid crystal technology. Boogie Board then expanded its product offering to kids’ toys and activities along with adult stationery products. Over the last decade, Boogie Board products have redefined writing and drawing for both adults and kids—selling millions of reusable writing and creativity products in 40 countries worldwide.


What is the future of analog? For more than a decade, Boogie Board has been enhancing writing technology to help us unplug and become more efficient with its reusable writing and creativity tablets. But what's the next frontier in the analog writing experience? Boogie Board is proud to launch a brand-new product utilizing never before seen technology to help support wellbeing without sacrificing convenience or efficiency and actually empower us to detach from the distractions around us.

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