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Y-Brush specializes in health sector products. The company spearheaded the development of a patented technology which can brush teeth effectively in 10 seconds, and it has consequently developed a full range of products based on this innovation.

To achieve that, after 4 years of R&D and a product launch in 2020, the company behind this patented technology developed with dentists had already reduced brushing time from 2 minutes to just 10 seconds. The Y-Brush toothbrush optimizes cleaning by brushing the surface of all teeth at the same time via 34,000 nylon filaments fixed in a flexible Y-shaped brush which propagate sonic vibrations and destroy plaque.

The brush part is manufactured in a high-tech factory in France built and owned by the company.

The company is backed by the European Union, the French government, EIT Health, French Public Investment Bank, AG2R La Mondiale
(the biggest French health insurace group), has received the French Tech grant, and is the holder of numerous prizes and awards.
The team (25 people) is currently made up of engineers, communicators, marketers and key opinion leaders in the health sector
(dentists, caregivers, etc.). The company also relies on many partners from the official institutions and research facilities.


Y-Brush unveils the next automated 10-sec toothbrush concept.

Product Information

Y-Brush is an international brand in oral care with a flagship product made in France: a toothbrush effective in 10 seconds that brushes all your teeth automatically at once instead of brushing them one by one. And 25% more effective than a standard (manual or electric) toothbrush.

For CES 2022, we unveil a new automated toothbrush concept, with breakthrough design and features, significantly more efficient than our current version and much more compared to a standard toothbrush, with many features (tracking, user recognition, etc).


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