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Technology is evolving – yet one thing that’s remained constant is the inherent need to carry, connect, and protect it all. Regardless of which technologies come and go, Targus helps you seamlessly integrate tech into your lives to provide you with everything you need to live, dream, and do.

For more than 35 years, Targus has been implementing purposeful solutions to provide you with the tools you need to succeed – from laptop bags to tablet cases to peripherals and universal docking stations. Our insight-driven approach, global reach, and commitment to quality ensures we have the skills and experience to meet your performance, style, and protection needs.

Die Technologie entwickelt sich - doch eine Sache, die konstant geblieben ist, ist die Notwendigkeit, alles zu tragen, zu verbinden und zu schützen. Unabhängig davon, welche Technologien kommen und gehen, Targus hilft Ihnen dabei, Technologie nahtlos in Ihr Leben zu integrieren, um Ihnen alles zu bieten, was Sie zum Leben, Träumen und Tun brauchen.

Seit mehr als 35 Jahren implementiert Targus zielgerichtete Lösungen, um Ihnen die Werkzeuge zur Verfügung zu stellen, die Sie für Ihren Erfolg benötigen - von Laptoptaschen über Tablethüllen bis hin zu Peripheriegeräten und universellen Dockingstationen. Unser Ansatz, unsere globale Reichweite und unser Engagement für Qualität stellen sicher, dass wir über die Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen verfügen, um Ihre Leistungs-, Stil- und Schutzbedürfnisse zu erfüllen.



Targus, the global backpack and tech accessories brand, returns to IFA this year with the market’s first Zero-Waste Backpack, where the packaging is fully incorporated into the bag itself. The company is also unveiling a new state of the art virtual AR customer shopping experience, which is set to make shopping instore more sustainable.

Product Information

Targus will be launching its latest addition to the successful EcoSmart collection: the Zero-Waste Backpack. It is the first backpack to use its own packaging to build the frame of the bag itself. By unravelling the backpack and re-inserting its packaging, Targus has eliminated excess packaging and created a new zero-waste solution. Designed in a compact box, the packaging is easily stackable. What’s more, the laptop backpack is made from recycled post-consumer plastic that would have ended up in landfill or polluting oceans. By using the equivalent of 12 plastic bottles per bag, Targus is achieving its mission to become the #1 manufacturer to recycle the most plastic, all without compromising on the brand’s impeccable quality or functionality. 

Targus will also showcase a new virtual reality x AR shopping experience. This introduces a new way to shop, and retailers can reduce up to 2 tonnes of CO₂ emissions, reduce shop floor stock and entice customers back to stores post pandemic. 


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