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Daan Tech is a French company that has made its mission to meet the great challenges of the 21st century. Fittingly, Daan Tech has chosen the following guiding principle: 'Designing Meaningful Things.' Since its founding in 2016, the company has already shipped over 60,000 Bobs. Now comes the second product, Joe, which will also be manufactured in the company's own 2,500 m² factory in the west of France. Daan Tech opposes any kind of obsolescence, manufactures entirely in France, and works mainly with local and European companies. Thus, Daan Tech tries to keep its environmental footprint as small as possible, which is also why all products are made as much as possible from recycled and recyclable materials.



After Bob the smallest and fastest mini dishwasher in the world -- with WiFi -- this year Daan Tech introduces its new product, Joe, the multifunctional mini oven. At ShowStoppers, find out all the details about Joe and why it will be the most innovative, coolest and sustainable multifunctional mini oven of this decade.

Product Information

Daan Tech is a French company that develops a range of high-quality and environmentally friendly high-tech products.

The first product is Bob, the mini dishwasher: Bob is small, fast, has Wi-Fi and a unique, colorful design. Together with the fact that it is made of 85% recycled material and has a water consumption of only 2.9 liters, it is one of the most innovative and sustainable mini dishwashers on the market. In addition, Daan Tech will introduce its new product: Joe, the multifunctional mini oven.


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