The nect MODEM equips your workstation with secure high-speed internet everywhere cellular networks reach. Just stick it onto your laptop and let that little beast get you online fast while keeping your connection safe from intruders. Brainstorm with your team during a video call while sitting on a couch wearing only your PJs. Do this securely thanks to the nect MODEM’s VPN, which means that all of your data is transferred securely and anonymously. Having a nect MODEM makes you independent. Whether you usually work in an office, run your own business, or are a creative professional, OWC can keep your technology running at top form and will have you connected and staying productive wherever you are. From docking solutions to Mac and PC upgrades, external storage and portable SSDs, you can trust OWC’s state-of-the-art technology and US-based customer service teams to keep your workflow protected and productive through these turbulent times. Mountie/Mountie+: One of the things many newly remote workers lack is a multi-display setup, like they are accustomed to. Mountie solves this problem by providing universal mounting of the smartphone, tablet or portable monitor you already have, to your laptop. Inklet 2: Inklet 2 allows you to write and draw on your trackpad, with finer control and enhanced sensitivity over standard trackpad use. The result is a drawing experience enhancing remote whiteboard collaboration or education.