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Carkit AI inc.

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QNAP Systems, Inc.

Taiwan External
Trade Development
Council (TAITRA)

With the advent of autonomous cars and high-speed and low latency 5G networks in the future, users will be able to engage in other activities while driving. New forms of entertainment will develop as a result. Taiwan´s start-up company Carkit AI is dedicated to develop new products and experiences for drivers and passengers of future autonomous cars. With the Car Karaoke System Roxie, Carkit AI makes a start. The product has been designed, prototyped, tested, built and rebuilt in less than 12 months.
Product Introduction

Roxie is the first car karaoke system with a hands-free, long-range mic allows drivers and passengers to sing together – with an intuitive, fast, natural, versatile voice assistant that supports Siri and Google Assistant.

Contact Information


Carkit AI inc.
9F., No. 168, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist.
New Taipei City, Taiwan  114
Main Contact: Jeffrey Wu   Agency

Sabine Ranft  

Darren Sng-CMO

Darren has a passion for all things tech and start-ups, Darren founded and ran two start-ups in the past. One of those ventures was, a pan-Asian ecommerce venture owned by Lycos, QXL-Ricardo, Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation and Wearnes & Walden. Darren also spent a decade in product marketing at Apple and moved on to become the Head of Global Product Marketing for HTC. In the early 90's, Darren is credited for developing the first web-based help desk system for Microsoft Foxpro.

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