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Established in 2018 and headquartered in Provo, Utah, Gabb Wireless enables parents to provide phones for kids without worrying about untethered access to the internet, inappropriate content, social media pressure, online bullying, academic distraction and cellphone addiction. It’s the perfect first phone for kids. Gabb Wireless (Gabb) has taken the next leap forward in kids’ phones and tech parents can trust. The company recently announced the Gabb Z2 Phone, a smartphone for kids offering even more features to keep them safe and minimize screen time. Gabb protects against screen addiction, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, online predators and more. The phone features 14 essential apps to provide freedom from distractions like the internet, games, social media and app stores. It contains a bigger screen, better camera and Bluetooth capability. For more details about this phone for kids and to learn more about any of the new products and services, visit Wireless Plans Gabb Wireless also introduced the new Gabb Plus Plan for group texting and picture messaging based on the readiness of the child and family. For more information on Gabb’s wireless plans, visit To learn more about Gabb, visit:
Product Introduction

The Gabb Z2 gives kids the gift of the smartphone they've always wanted. It's the perfect first phone for kids. At $99.99, and plans starting at $19.99 per month, the Gabb Z2 also provides the gift of connecting kids with friends and family with unlimited talk and text and optional group texting. The phone has 14 essential apps, and GPS (coming soon), Bluetooth, music and an 8MP camera. The Gabb Z2 helps kids stay connected while encouraging them to live beyond the screen.

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Gabb Wireless
250 W. Center Street
Provo, UT  84601
Main Contact: Brandon Jeppson   Agency

Mark Fredrickson  

Anne Marie McDonald and Zane Hansen-Gabb Wireless Spokespeople

With more than a decade of high-level operational/management experience, Zane Hansen is passionate about helping kids live beyond the screen. Zane is an innovator and entrepreneur in experiential retail. Anne Marie McDonald comes to Gabb Wireless with a zeal for empowering kids to live a wonderful, authentic life. She previously founded LP Health Speakers, and, successfully facilitated high-level executives’ presence in the healthcare industry. Both are parents of kids who own Gabb phones.

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